Our principles


As the basis of our activities, we have taken principles that allow us to be considered as a company, primarily interested in creating real friendly relationships with our partners.  

  • Openness and speed of all interaction
  • Honesty and responsibility to fulfill obligations
  • Completeness and speed of information
  • Friendliness and positivity

Our functions


We see the activity of our company as a set of interrelated functions allowing us to solve the needs of our clients in the best way for them. The breadth of vision helps us to systematically approach Your current and future needs.   

  • Personal approach to each client
  • An integrated approach to a wide range of tasks
  • Finding optimal solutions
  • Building partnerships

Our features


Cost reduction, full automation and personal approach to your goals, allow us to provide better services, and close cooperation with your specialists will only help to improve the interaction between our companies.   

  • No overheads
  • Process Optimization
  • Maximum acceleration of logistic operations
  • Automated on-line accounting and activities control

Results of cooperation


All our activities are aimed at the quality of our services. Our philosophy is focused on improving the quality, while reducing the cost of the services which should make it more and more interesting for our clients.  

  • Costs reduction up to 25%
  • Improvement of goods safety up to 98%
  • Delivering goods with day to day precision
  • Fullfilment of agreed terms and guaranteed return of the documents

International department

More than twenty-two years of experience in transporting and clearing a wide variety of goods from all over the world allows us to offer our customers the most rational routes and services in order to achieve maximum savings and minimum delivery times. An individual approach and high professional knowledge of our specialists will solve your any export-import logistics problem.